Welcome to drawer.

Hi, I am Chad Moore, and this blog chronicles my progress as I learn to draw. I’m working to learn sketchnoting.

I’ve been around artists and designers my entire adult life. Previously I’ve worked as a 3D animator, and technical artist in video games. I’ve never applied myself in the hand-drawn aspects of art.

But Sketchnotes are really drawing ideas, not making art. Herein you’ll find snapshots of my progress. I’m studying from many sources, primarliy the Sketchnote books from Mike Rhode.

My goals are to use sketchnotes to help my career as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach and visual meeting facilitator.

This is the place I put drawings as I learn and progress. My Drawer of drawings as I learn to be a better drawer. Oh, that’s a straight up terrible dad joke.

I’m not into social media much, other than micro.blog. I use that as my personal blog, and I welcome you to check it out; micro.blog is a great platform. You can also send me an email.

Thanks for visiting.